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The marketing landscape has curiously metamorphosed in past few decades. The advent of new marketing & promotional software or Rtb platform has given a higher level of pedestal to every business. These customized Advertising network software created a promising solution to streamline the process of launching Ads and managing Campaign Optimization.

Adserver Exchange jumped into this business in the year 2017 with the aim to hit the top position in the industry by offering SAAS; A complete marketing solution software that very precisely administers all Ads campaign & marketing jobs of any business house. This SAAS is counted as one of the best ad management software, primarily because it gives huge relief from investment, installation charges & maintenance hassle of any new hardware.

Every advertiser looks for a reliable advertising platform or in other words the best ad management software for targeting potential customers and engaging the existing ones, we provide same to our clients to plan, organize & execute their Ad campaigns, so that they could generate better results. At Adserverexchange, we are committed to cut down the costing & augmenting profitability to help your business grow.

Services Of Adserver Exchange



The different modules we have in our Adserverexchange Platform are Display Advertising,RealTime Bidding,Video creatives, Invoices,Affiliate platform and more


Advertisers needs platform for engaging customers, So cross platform Advertising is used to execute an campaign across different channels – via desktop & mobile.

RealTime Bidding Platform

Our reliable RTB or real-time bidding authorize ad exchange to finalize the value of an ad impression. In Nutshell it simplifies the entire advertising bidding process.


We optimize every campaign that we work so we can take most out of the best of it and serves the Ads at the best level making it cost effective too

Real time Statistics

Real time statistics maintains a real time statistical report for the advertiser and publisher. The instant updates of publisher and advertiser are stored in their respective report section.

Ad formats

We at Adserver Exchange offers and deliver all standard and popular ad formats. Advertiser can put standar images banners as well as run Text ads

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  • Easily Track and Manage all your Advertising Campaigns for More Profits
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It is the is the best tracking software to monitor the performance with ease.


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